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Your Biggest Business Risk Is Not Adopting The Four-Day Workweek

This post originally appeared on Forbes on Feb 28, 2023.

4 Day Week Global published the findings from their four-day workweek global study last week, and the results were unsurprisingly positive. Ninety-two percent of participating companies are continuing the four-day week. Seventy-one percent of employees reported reduced levels of burnout at the end of the trial. And the number all business have their eye on — revenue — was also positive, with a 35% increase on average.

Societal shifts in attitude towards work are changing. People have embraced working smarter, not longer, and research backs up the feasibility of this model. The report points to research from think tanks, business schools, and other government trials that indicate the four-day workweek may be ready for prime time.

This shift begs several interesting questions about the longevity of the positive results, societal impacts, how people will use the time, fairness in the workforce and more. 4 Day Week Global cofounder Andrew Barnes and job board founder Phil McParlane weighed in on these important questions.

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