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Why Joy Should Be Your New Key Performance Indicator

This originally appeared on May 29, 2024 in Forbes.

Let's face it, most mornings the allure of the snooze button is far stronger than the office. But what if work wasn't a slog, but a source of satisfaction, even enjoyment? Companies would do well to understand what makes work joyful, given the link between joy at work and attrition. According to recent researchfrom the BCG Henderson Institute, 45% of office-based workers worldwide are at least passively job searching. One way companies can guard against their people leaving in droves is by making work a more joyful experience.

While how we find joy at work differs for everyone, Debbie Lovich, managing director and senior partner at Boston Consulting Group and a fellow of the BCG Henderson Institute, says there are some common elements that make work enjoyable. “Feeling valued, feeling appreciated, and feeling seen are the emotional needs that dominate and must be met. But after that, it really varies.” Some people get satisfaction from problem-solving, having fun, or being good at their craft. Others simply want to get through the day with more joyful moments than difficult ones.

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