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How Disruptive Times Kickstart New Health Habits

This post originally appeared on Forbes on June 16, 2020.

2020 has been something of a cosmic kick in the teeth. Just as we emerge from one disruptive event, another rises to fill its place. This constant state of flux and uncertainty can make sustaining good health habits difficult. Many of my clients and friends have spoken of the poor habits they have picked up during the COVID-19 crisis, such as disrupted sleep, increased alcohol use and a lack of exercise. Unfortunately, they are not alone. The Lancet reviewed 24 studies researching the psychological impact of quarantine and reported a range of negative psychological effects. Yet, the upside to these sobering facts is that the disruption stemming from COVID-19 and the other monumental movements currently taking place have us well-placed to take back control over our health. While it is never too late to start a new habit, there are times that will make new habits more likely to stick than others—and disruptive times are one such period. Read the rest on Forbes.

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