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Forcing People Back To The Office? Companies Should Think Again

This post originally appeared on Forbes on Feb 20, 2024.

Work realities are shifting, both in what employees expect from their employer and how they want to work. Unfortunately, many aren't getting what they need due, in part, to leaders who are forcing people back into the office. Deutsche Bank is the latest company to make the news for toughening its work-from-home policies, but these headlines are becoming the norm versus the exception.

Deloitte's 2024 Human Capital Trends report challenges businesses to evolve if they want to thrive in a boundaryless world of work — but that requires a healthy dose of trust and letting go of old models of what work should look like. Art Mazor, Deloitte's Global Human Capital Practice Leader, believes that to overcome the gap between knowing and doing, leaders will need to let go of the mindsets, operating constructs, and proxies of the past.

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