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Combating The Spread of Covid-19 Misinformation At Work

This post originally appeared on Forbes on July 3, 2020.

As companies make return-to-work plans for their people, and offices slowly come back to life, concerns about personal safety regarding protection from Covid-19 are likely to abound. Employers will need to communicate their safety policies and activities, such as how frequently high-trafficked areas will be cleaned and rules for how many people can be on a floor at any one time. They will also need to invest in signage around the office reminding people of social distancing protocol, the need to wear masks, and handwashing best practices. Adherence to these guidelines, however, will partially depend on if people believe in the science behind the recommendations. This can be problematic because there are so many false sources of information in circulation regarding Covid-19. And as it turns out, some people are okay with spreading misinformation—which can hurt employers’ communication efforts around safety best practices. Read the rest on Forbes.

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