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Why Returning to Work Is A Marathon - Not a Sprint

This originally appeared on Forbes on June 9, 2021.

With vaccine rollouts going strong, companies are making return to the office plans. Google announced most employees would work three days a week. Apple has also made a similar plan, to which employees have pushed back on.

But returning to the office life as we once knew it—a commute followed by eight hours in an office, and then a commute home—is not as simple as flipping a policy change switch. When Covid-19 started, we had no choice but to grab our laptops and start working from home at speed. We adapted, driven by the novelty and a sense that everyone was in it together. But we can't just pull a seamless 180-degree turn back to the way it was before. We're out of practice, and the inclination isn't there when we've lived an alternate work reality for 18 months.

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