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Why it's okay to not have a lockdown project

This piece originally appeared on Forbes on July 20, 2020.

While many places around the world ease out of lockdown — and hope that another one is not put into place if Covid-19 cases surge — a common question from friends, acquaintances, and colleagues to ask one another is: "How did you use the extra time? What was your lockdown project?" Perhaps some wrote a book or learned a new language. Others may have used the time to tackle a long-outstanding home improvement project.

The logic is that by doing less — engaging in fewer social engagements, traveling less, removing time spent commuting, spending less time going out — that this would unlock extra time and energy with which we could invest toward achieving those goals we all said we would do if we just had more time. Yet, the vast majority of us used lockdown to do a whole lot of nothing. And that's okay. Read the rest on Forbes.

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