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Skills vs. luck: What drives success

This post originally appeared on UNLEASH on Feb 27, 2023.

Wen talking about success at work, how likely are you to attribute your accomplishments to your skill?

As it turns out, the answer to that question often depends on your gender. Men’s professional wins are more likely to be attributed to skill, whereas women’s victories are more often attributed to luck.

When covering this new research out of The London School of Economics’ The Inclusion Initiative last month, I was surprised at the amount of online chatter it received.

The experience of devaluing (or conversely, overvaluing) work based on gender struck a chord with many.

Many women commented on how often they found themselves brushing off work accomplishments as if what they had achieved was “no big deal,” or “I was just lucky.”

When the realization hit home that the difference in perception of achievement is, in fact, gendered — and well researched for that matter — it caused a stir.

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