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Move Over, Great Resignation: It's Time For The Great Rebellion

This originally appeared on Forbes on September 30, 2022.

Rising wealth inequality rarely impacts the elite — until dissent reaches new heights that demand collective action is taken. Current economic conditions, lingering mental health fallouts from the pandemic, energy companies announcing eye-watering profits amid soaring energy prices, and now the destabilizing effects of the disastrous new budgetthe U.K. announced are pushing workers to raise their voices and say "enough is enough."

Making lasting change on a scale large enough to matter requires an act of rebellion. It requires courage, coming together over a common goal, and knowing when to walk away. Decisions over when to leave a job are complicated, but often by the time someone verbalizes their choice to go, it's well overdue. We are generally bad at knowing when to quit, but when anger boils over, something's got to give. It will likely take one of three forms: Organized strikes, outright quitting, or "quiet quitting." It's no wonder people are angry — the wage gap between CEOs and U.S. workers is 670-1. In an uncertain economy and cost of living crisis, that's not a good look.

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