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How dreaming impacts your work productivity

Not getting proper sleep can impair your ability to work. Given that 33% of Americans rate their sleep as "fair" or "poor," it's no wonder businesses are investing more in well-being efforts, such as sleep aids, to help their workforce. But did you know that your dreams can also impact how well you perform at work?

Recent research published in Academy of Management studied the impact of dreaming on work performance and found a surprising connection between the two. It's well known that dreaming plays an important part in helping us to become better problem solvers, consolidate memories, and help us to better regulate our emotions. But the study posits that dreams can also help us become more resilient, which improves work performance. How do dreams accomplish that? By eliciting feelings of awe.

The ability for dreams to inspire awe won't be surprising to the vivid dreamers of the world (and fun fact — women have better dream recall than men). According to the report, awe arises when two conditions are met: vastness, and a need to make sense of what we've just experienced.

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