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Are UK businesses about to experience the great resignation?

This piece originally appeared on HR News on September 9, 2021.

Lindsay Kohler, Lead Behavioral Scientist at employee engagement consultancy, scarlettabbott, says many people are reevaluating what they want in life following the pandemic, which is ultimately leading to them questioning their job. She explains;

“The pandemic separated us all from many of the things we love in life – travel, friends, family, all those things that may mask any dissatisfaction we feel with our work. Collectively, people in the UK and all over the world have gone through and are still going through what is ultimately a traumatic experience – and that has flicked a switch in our minds to think about where we are and what we are doing in life, what do we want from it?
“The behavioural elements at play here are like a sense of loss. In general, there’s a feeling that people have lost a year of their life, which leads them to thinking, there’s got to be something more or I want something more.
“There’s been so much uncertainty during the last 18 months and people have felt somewhat out of control of what’s going on around them. So where can they exert control? One thing I can control is my job and how I make money. I think this is why many people will see their job as the first place to reevaluate and make a change.”
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