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AI Isn’t Coming For Your Job, But Spotlights Outdated Learning & Development Practices

This post originally appeared on Forbes on May 15, 2023.

Since ChatGPT made a splash with its November 2022 launch, fears about the replacement of jobs by artificial intelligence (AI) have been prevalent in mainstream media. Business Insider speculated about the top 10 jobs most likely to be replaced by AI; The Verge wrote that Google is "freaking out about ChatGPT;" and The World Economic Forum raises important issues about ChatGPT and trust and reliability as the technology is increasingly used in academia and the media.

Given this rapid advancement in what technology can do for businesses, what should companies be doing differently in the learning & development space (L&D) to equip their people to maintain relevant skills? It comes down to two things. First, focus on the human side of learning. Second, apply a research & development mindset to learning.

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