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3 Empathy Traps To Watch For At Work

This post originally appeared on Forbes on December 14, 2020.

Empathetic communication is at the top of the agenda for any leadership communication coaching session, and with good reason. The Edelman Trust Barometer reports that 83% of employees are afraid of losing their job to a shifting world of work, and leaders are trying harder than ever to understand employee fears and stressors brought on by the pandemic. Or search for “empathy and leaders” on Amazon and watch how almost 600 book titles show up in the search results.

This focus on empathy makes sense. Empathy is being able to experience the world as someone else does. If leaders can better feel and understand their people’s concerns, frustrations, uncertainties, and anxieties, then they are likely to be more motivated to help solve those issues. Empathy is like a spotlight, focusing attention and resources on those who need it most.

But empathy can also lead us astray. Here are three empathy traps to watch out for at work — and how to avoid them. Read the rest on Forbes.

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